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Posted by : Robert Child Sunday

Murder in the Hood, Coming in 2019
This may come as a surprise to some who were expecting the follow up to Blood Betrayal to be Felony Express in the Frank Murray FBI Thriller Series. However when I set out to write, Felony Express, a second story emerged that was just as compelling. I found that in fact had a whole new book, Murder in the Hood.

This story takes us back to the early 90's and Charles Warner's (Frank Murray) FBI work in investigating the escalation of cocaine trafficking and related rise in violent crime into the city of Philadelphia. It wasn't a pretty picture but in much the same way one cannot look away from a car crash, you cannot turn away from this story.

Frank Murray after jailing the Scarponi mob has had enough of the Organized Crime Unit in the Philadelphia FBI Field Office. He is seeking a new life post divorce and new opportunities within the Bureau.

He gets much more than he bargains for when he decides to transfer to the Drug Squad. The Agent In Charge of the Drug Squad, Jim Swenson, is a buttoned-down micro manager who is not used to the maverick style of Frank Murray and they clash —big time.

Swenson is desperate, however, to get drug convictions - any convictions as the DEA and Washington are ready to show him the door. Swenson make a devil's bargain and brings the brash Murray on but under one condition. An impossible condition that any sane FBI agent would refuse —get a conviction on Philadelphia's most elusive and notorious drug kinpin, Richard Jones, and do it in only sixty days.

Frank says, "No problem." And that will be his first mistake.

Murder in the Hood will release in the early part of 2019 and I will be posting updates as well as chapter excerpts. Trust me this is one crime story you're not going to soon forget!

Blood Betrayal
And to get ready check out the first book in the series released a couple years back, Blood Betrayal.

The bodies are piling high -- 36 unsolved gangland murders at last count -- and FBI Supervisor Hans Bauer has to do the unthinkable: put tough, independent Special Agent Frank Murray back on the squad he was twice kicked out of, Organized Crime.

Mafia Kingpin Nick Scarponi is back from prison and orchestrating the bloodiest reign of mob killings in Philadelphia history and Frank Murray, who tossed Scarponi in the can three years earlier, is his#1 target.

The taunt, tense, visually gritty story leaps off the page and grabs you by the throat. The action-packed tale could only be crafted by someone who knows the art of cinematic pacing--acclaimed Director and Emmy® nominated filmmaker, Robert Child.

Blood Betrayal is a classic, big city mafia crime story that cuts to the bone. It feels all too real because it is. The story is based on an historic FBI prosecution and investigation led by Charles "Bud" Warner the real life Frank Murray. FBI Director William Sessions, Attorney General Janet Reno and President Bill Clinton commended him for his extraordinary work on this case. 

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