I'm glad you're here. I have been a long time television producer and author and a director. Since I only have according to many web statistics :05 sec of your attention before you move on I'd like to convey the basics.

Quick Facts:

• Emmy® Nominated Producer / Director
• 20+ Years in Television and Film 
• 70 Film and TV Credits on IMDB (view)
• Published Author of Fiction and Nonfiction

I am the original self-starter and creator. I began in radio moved into television in 1984 and helped launch among other things NY1 News in New York City in 1992,  Emeril LIve! for the Food Network in 1997 and I technical directed Jon Stewart's first episode of The Daily Show.

The above is all of course past history and I have embarked on my biggest launch yet...The details will unfold soon.

Until then please feel free to click around and enjoy the content on this blog and thanks again for coming.


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