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The Psychic Cop:  Justice Never Dies™ (Status: Pitching, Preproduction)

10x1 Docu-Reality Series Produced by RSC Media Group, LLC
Chuck Bergman, Host, Robert Child Exec. Prod., Director


Chuck Bergman is a third-generation psychic medium. He is also a U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran who served four years on the aircraft carriers Shangri-La and John F. Kennedy. After the war he became a decorated police officer with the Salem, Massachusetts Police Force.

He began his 32-year career with the Salem PD as a motorcycle patrol officer working various assignments. In one memorable case Chuck apprehended two armed robbery suspects who had minutes earlier pistol-whipped a shopkeeper in an adjacent town. After his time on patrol he moved into Special Ops and fatal accident reconstruction and then became the department’s computer analyst.

Chuck Bergman, The Psychic Cop
Retiring in 2003 from the Salem PD he decided to go public with his psychic gift, which he had kept
under wraps. Since then he has given thousands of psychic readings to individuals and groups around the globe. His police background allows him to be especially compassionate and insightful. Chuck often performs readings for people seeking to hear from a loved one whose death had been the result of a violent crime. Major parts of his work as a psychic detective has been assisting law enforcement around the world locate missing persons and solve suspicious death and murder cases. 


Chuck has been profiled on A&E, The Biography Channel and many TV specials, and is a frequent guest on radio shows, including Coast-to-Coast AM.

Selected Cases Chuck Has Solved

It was Poison Not An Overdose

A woman, Gloria Sheppard, contacted Chuck about doing a reading to reach her recently passed 29 year old son Jason. He had been a troubled man who had apparently overdosed on methadone at a local boarding house. Gloria believed foul play was involved because the police had ruled the case an accidental overdose or suicide despite the fact Jason had a non lethal amount of methadone in his system just 55 milligrams.

Visiting Jason’s room at the boarding house with Gloria and her husband, Chuck brought through an agitated man in spirit. Jason showed Chuck that a friend of his Gloria did not trust gave him a substance, which caused severe muscle convulsions in his body and throat. This resulted in Jason’s suffocation. The spirit further showed Chuck that the perpetrator washed up in his bathroom after he had died and wiped the room of fingerprints. Based on Chuck’s reading Gloria hired an independent laboratory to perform extensive tests, using blood and tissue samples from her son. The laboratory reports concluded that the death was due to an extreme amount of poison being ingested by the victim. Police have reopened the case and classified it as a homicide.

A Covered Up Mob Hit Forces a Second Autopsy

A local woman in Jacksonville contacted Chuck via telephone about her brother in Michigan who had been missing for seven days. Chuck began to get vivid images. “I see stacks of money, a vault, and I feel like I am inside a bank. Do you relate to any of this?” “Yes, he’s a bank president.” “Okay. I see very shallow water; I see him lying on his back, not completely submerged. He has a bullet in the back of his head. He was murdered.” The woman was shocked but didn’t know what to do. One week later the woman reported to Chuck in an email that duck hunters had found her brother’s body in an area of shallow water. She further told him that the death had been ruled a suicide, based upon the fact that he still had money in his wallet and his cell phone with him. His widow had reason to believe that this was absolutely no suicide. She took a recording of Chuck’s reading to authorities. This resulted in a second autopsy being ordered with a different pathologist. Within minutes the new pathologist located the bullet hole behind the head. Subsequently Chuck learned that the first pathologist had been paid off in certifying the cause of death. The victim provided Chuck further details, which cannot be divulged as a homicide investigation has commenced.

After an 8-month Search, Chuck Locates a Man’s Body in Remote Mountains in an Hour via Telephone

A family reached out to Chuck from California. Their son had been missing for eight months. Police had given up searching. They suggested the family contact a psychic and finding Chuck he was able to give them a reading via telephone that evening. Chuck immediately picked up that the man was an avid rock climber, which his mother confirmed. The man who was now in spirit provided further information to Chuck that his wedding was “off” as he had caught his fiancĂ© in an affair. Deeply depressed the young man leapt to his death from a mountain cliff and his body lay near his green Chevy pickup truck. The mother confirmed that the young man indeed owned a green pickup.

Once the mother confirmed the truck the son, asked via Chuck that mother take out a map of the area and place an “X” on her home. Then he showed a “020” which Chuck recognized as being a compass heading of northeast. Then the young man in spirit directed Chuck to psychically look inside the truck at the trip meter. Chuck did and could see it read “159.” This is where they would find his body 159 miles northeast from his mother’s home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Twenty-four hours after Chuck’s reading, he received a call from the mother. She had gone to the authorities in the jurisdiction of the area he had described. They sent a helicopter over the exact coordinates Chuck had given. From the air, they spotted the green Chevy pickup truck. The terrain was rough and could only be reached by four-wheel ATVs. Investigators found the young man’s remains next to his truck.

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