Pearl Buck Film Released on Amazon Today

Nice way to start the month, Pearl Buck: A Life, A Legacy, is now on Amazon on DVD. Streaming version soon to follow. Check out the life of a literary legend. Click the image at left to go to Amazon.
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Ghost Ship: Forthcoming WWII Novel

USS Liscomb Bay
 More than a year ago I began writing a WWII novel and have worked on it when I could set aside time. Now it is nearing completion. The current title is Ghost Ship and is is not your typical war novel. It centers around the tragic sinking of the USS Liscomb Bay in 1943 by  a Japanese sub. The Casablanca - class carrier went down in less than 20 minutes and the men never knew what him them. It was the flagship of the task force and over 600 men went down with the ship.

The forthcoming novel involves an alternate history scenario that I won't give away here but the book could be classified as a Paranormal Historical Thriller. One which truly makes you think as well as sends chills down your spine. At the heart of the story is a son's love for the father who he never met that perished aboard the carrier and his life long dream of meeting him one day. I think that gives you a clue into the storyline. Below is an excerpt from Ghost Ship.

Ghost Ship

They Died to Fight Another Day.


“Frank, this has got to stop. I love you but we can’t live like this any longer. We have to make an appointment for you at the doctor.”
Frank remained motionless.
“If you’re not going to tell me, your wife, what’s going on maybe you can tell him or her or whoever.” She brought the back of her hand to her face and wiped an unexpected tear. She got up ready to rush to the bedroom. She was trembling and both eyes were now red with tears.
Frank continued staring past her but started to speak, “Every night it’s the same. It’s horrible, just horrible.”
Katie stopped and slowly sank back into her chair. She feared opening her mouth wanted Frank to finally get it all out.
Now turning to her, “It’s like something you never want to see Katie in your worst nightmares. But I’m seeing it and I know I ain’t dreaming but I can’t open my eyes.”
Katie looked at him strangely.
“Kate I am awake during it and seeing the worst visions you ever saw playing over and over again in my head. I am on a ship I think, it looks like WWII. I don’t know but it looks like old footage I’ve seen on the History Channel. I am running and there are with other men with me. We’re trapped. Men are yelling. We are below decks I don’t know how far but guys are scrambling up this steel ladder that’s glowing hot. Their hands are smoking but they are still trying to escape. They cry out as they grip the rails. I hear someone yell, it was a torpedo! The ship’s going down!
I start running in a different direction into this pitch-black oily smoke. Men are choking, heaving; they are just kids, eighteen, nineteen. I hear more guys ahead of me crying out, We’re gonna die! We’re all gonna die!”
Katie was transfixed.
“Water is starting to fill where I am. I am trying to walk through a foot maybe two feet of water. All of a sudden we hear this deep rumble, which becomes an ear splitting roar. Something has exploded. I feel the ship careen downward like on a roller coaster. I am falling through the air through this passage way surrounded by other falling men. I land with a jolt against other men at a closed hatch. Men keep falling piling on top of me. My body, my ribs, I can feel them all breaking and still more guys are piling on top of me. I can’t breathe. I know at this moment I am going to die. Inside I know it. Then an explosion topside rips a hole in the deck above. Light shines down but then the water from the hole floods on top of us like a freight train filling the passageway. It is all arms, legs, open-mouth muffled screams. I look to my left and in the dim light and see this guy who has managed to pull a rosary out of his service jacket. He holds it tight with closed eyes then I see his hand release it. He’s gone. I grab for the rosary and miss it gets sucked away. As I’m there groping in the water I see another guy near me that I feel I know, a buddy. I don’t know how I know this guy but I do. I know him. He struggles to get his arms and hands free in this crush of men and rushing water. I’m watching him. He is giving it every last bit of strength he’s got…”
Frank’s distant mournful eyes swelled and his voice cracked.
“Finally he gets a hand free and reaches out to me, to my hand flailing there in the water. He grabs my hand grabs it tight. I can feel him squeezing. I understand. He looks me in the eye. He doesn’t want to die alone.”
Frank’s words linger in the air.
“And then there’s nothing. Nothing. The vision ends. Every night it’s the same exact thing.”
***End of Excerpt***

The book will be finished soon and I will release more excerpts as the release date gets closer.
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WWII Unheralded Courage Presentation May 3rd

To commemorate the victory of World War II seventy years ago I will be giving a video presentation on UNHERALDED COURAGE featuring clips from my WWII films and a Panel Discussion with 3 Local WWII Veterans.

Edward Torres - Private First Class, Army - Fought in Battle of the Bulge,
Wounded in Action, Awarded 8 Medals
Frank Fazzalore – Corporal, Army - Wounded after crossing the Rhine River,
Awarded 5 Medals
Robert Hileman – Ship Service Second Class Petty Officer, Navy
Re-enlisted to serve in Korea, Awarded 4 Medals

When: Sun., May 3rd - 3 to 4 pm. Adults $5; Students Free
Where: Masonic Lodge - Edgewood & Heacock, Lower Makefield (Yardley, PA)

Event Benefits Veteran Square Monument in Yardley

I will share stories, video clips & behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the making of my three WWII films:
 USS Franklin survived a direct hit by a Japanese armor-piercing bomb, and the events that followed made the story one of the most dramatic and inspiring in naval history.


Wereth Eleven is the story of 11 Black GI’s who escaped capture during the Battle of the Bulge, only to be found killed by the Nazi SS.


Silent Wings chronicles the unsung heroism of America’s WWII Glider Pilots.

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Pearl Buck Film Available on Amazon in May

After months and months of work, Pearl S. Buck: A Life, A Legacy, will be available for sale next month on This project was actually four years in the making as I had been invited to the Pearl Buck Foundation and historical site in Buck County to determine if "there was a story to be told".
There most definitely was and myself along with my co-producers, Robert G. and Robert E. Campbell, of the Continental Film Alliance got down to work. It seemed quite a mystery to me that Ms. Buck such a literary giant was not more widely known and celebrated for her accomplishments. This film I hope will go a long way to help change all that. We had the full cooperation of Pearl S. Buck International and the film was shot on global scale with film work being done in the UK.
This was a departure for me from my mainstays of war and history but a refreshing one in both the writing and execution of the film. I am exceeding proud of the final result and many folks who have seen it are quite emotionally moved for which I am gratified and humbled. I wanted to do justice to Pearl Buck and it was quite a tall challenge I set for myself; bring this literary icon to life, humanize her, cheer for her and cry with her and ultimately make you a devoted fan of hers. You can judge the final result for yourself when the DVD becomes available worldwide next month. If you can't wait the film is currently now on sale at the Pearl S. Buck house gift shop in Bucks County. I'd recommend a trip there to see the site as well as meet the folks who are keeping her legacy vibrant and alive. It's well worth the trip!
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