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A Few Kind Words:


"When it comes to writing, directing and producing history, there's nobody better than Rob Child. He's one of those rare talents that can take a $500,000 budget and make it look like it was $5 million up on the screen. We have been honored to include several of his films in our Rights Portfolio at Janson Media, and we hope to continue working with Rob in the future."
Stephen Janson - Janson Media

On Location in Maryland for The Wereth Eleven.

"Rob Child is the premier historic film maker today. It is very rare to have a man who has command of not only of the production, set, editing and operational resources but also as a Director who has the direct historic knowledge and acumen when the project demands 100% accuracy. I do not have to recommend Rob. His work does it for him."
Tim Daniel - Director of History and Education at History Academy

On Location in Bucks Cty., PA for America's First D-Day.

"Living in the same area, Rob and I had been wanting to work together on a film project for years. We finally had a chance to do so on "The Wereth Eleven" which we both produced. Rob wrote and directed the film. I finally discovered why he has been so successful for years. He is an extremely ambitious director! As an editor and visual effects artist, I was more challenged on this film than any prior to this one and I know the rest of the team feels the same way. It takes a big vision to accomplish big things. Rob had that big vision and the end result speaks for itself. The film received critical acclaim. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next!"
Frederic Lumiere - Filmmaker

On Location in Maryland for Lincoln and Lee at Antietam.

"I had a wonderful experience working with Rob on a project about Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware River in 1776. In my 25 years of experience behind the camera shooting commercials, feature films, and documentaries, I have found that every project is unique. Rob brings a special sensitivity to the set that is rare. He has an unwavering mission of accuracy when portraying history, and he knows how to be a strong collaborator without losing control of his vision. I was impressed with Rob’s diligence in preproduction and his attention to detail on all matters, large and small. His script included several special effects scenes and many composite scenes. Rob solved problems before they had a chance to show up on the set. It was a privilege to work with him."
Paul van Haute - Director of Photography

On Location In Belgium for The Wereth Eleven.

"I had the pleasure of working with Rob on "Dominion Day." Without exception, everyone at C4 thoroughly enjoyed working with Rob as he not only had a very clear idea of what story he wanted to tell, but was at the same time very open and receptive to our creative suggestions about how to make the animation work we were providing even better.
Rob is also one of the few directors I've worked with who listened to what we asked for before going on location, and remembered what we agreed to once we were all stood there in the wind & rain.
In short, Rob is a straight-shooter and a great collaborator - I look forward to another opportunity to work with him again in the future."
Jonathan Gibson VFX Supervisor

On Location in Richmond, VA for America's First D-Day

"I have had the Honor and I truly mean the "Honor" of working with Rob Child on several film projects in the past few years as have always felt a genuine respect for his ability to see the finer details that most Directors miss when filming Historical subjects. Rob was and is always concerned with getting History right! Even if it meant a little more work on his part. If you are looking for a Director who will give you Quality, then you will have to look no farther than Rob Child. I have put my companies reputation in his hands many times and would recommend him any time if you want the best project you can get!"
Russ Richards - President,  Historical Entertainment, LLC

Jamie Hobbis, Robert Linnell, Robert Child on set in the United Kingdom 

"Rob was the Director on a drama documentary that I worked on as one of two DoP's. His attention to detail is thorough and he is an excellent communicator. He loves to work fast but is not impatient in his manner.
 As a DoP I enjoyed Rob's creativity and his willingness to accept creative input from others on the crew...and above all he's the first to buy a round in the pub!!!" Jamie Hobbis, Director of Photography, Producer, Break3


The Wereth Eleven 

Review by MovieGuide:

THE WERETH ELEVEN tells the incredible story of valor about the all-black 333rd Regiment that stood against the German’s Ardennes offensive and paid the ultimate price.

The 333rd was an artillery division, one out of nine Negro divisions. They were stationed in Belgium in a quiet corner of WW II in December 1944 when Hitler commanded his elite troops to undertake the most vicious and punishing of all offensives. Hitler appointed one of his most vicious generals, General Dietrich, to lead the offensive and told his staff to scare the enemy through the ultimate cruelty. In some Belgium towns, they killed women and children mercilessly. They showered bombs from planes and the latest German cannons.

Faced with this onslaught, the British and American lines of the Allies started to collapse. Some of the troops with the 333rd were ordered to retreat west, but others were ordered to stand their ground and use their artillery to bring terrible losses on the Germans. When they ran out of ammunition, most of them were killed or captured, but 11 escaped and got separated from the others. They took refuge in a farm in Wereth, Belgium. The farmer tried to protect them, but they were exposed by a Nazi sympathizer in the Belgium community. They surrendered and were taken to a nearby field, where their horrific torture and execution has become the site of one of the few monuments to African American soldiers.

This is a very powerful documentary. It introduce s us to black men who grew up when there was tremendous racism, so their sacrifice is even more powerful. This 60-minute documentary also has a very strong Christian, patriotic worldview, with two hymns sung, including “Amazing Grace.” Finally, the monument for those who died has a carving of Jesus Christ suffering on the Cross.

THE WERETH ELEVEN is well worth watching. It’s beautifully filmed, well edited, suspenseful, and thoughtful. It’s an exceptional television program. - MovieGuide, Christian Movie Reviews. Film recieved 4 stars plus a Content Rating of +4. Both honors are the highest given by this review site.

“This remarkable docudrama, written and directed by Robert Child, chronicles the story of 11 African-American soldiers who were captured and brutally murdered near Wereth, Belgium, by the Nazi SS during the Battle of the Bulge. The men were members of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion, and their terrible tale has been called one of the least-known atrocities of World War II. Narrated by actor Corey Reynolds, The Wereth Eleven weaves together excellent interviews with WWII veterans and historians, never-before-seen archival footage, and top-notch visual effects (including CGI-animated graphics), while Ken Arnold leads an impressive cast in the reenactments. A winner of the Founder’s Choice Award at the 2011 GI Film Festival, DVD extras here include bonus interviews and panel discussions. Highly recommended . Editor’s Choice.”  ****-Video Librarian

Ed Media Online

This docudrama, winner of the 2011 G. I. Film Festival’s Founder’s Choice Award, tells the story of The Wereth Eleven, the eleven soldiers from the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion, one of nine battalions consisting completely of African American soldiers in the European Theater, who were brutally murdered by the Nazi SS in Wereth, Belgium on December 17, 1944. The director weaves personal interviews, archival footage and incredible modern dramatizations to tell their story. The film also addresses, though briefly, the issues and difficulties associated with being an African American soldier in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II. The cinematography and sound quality of this film are excellent. The DVD also has an Extra Features section, which consists of The Wereth 11 Exposed, a behind the scenes look at the creation of the modern dramatizations, an “Interview with Joseph Springer” as well as a Producer Panel Discussion. This film would be a great addition to any library collection.
Awards. - Scott Richmond, Educational Media Reviews Online
  • Founder’s Choice Award, G.I. Film Festival 2011 

USS Franklin: Honor Restored

Review by Video Librarian:

USS Franklin: Honor Restored
(2011) 72 min. DVD: $24.95. The Ardennes Group (dist. by Janson Media). PPR. ISBN: 978-1-56839-413-6.
USS Franklin: Honor Restored tells the extraordinary story of a hellish chapter in World War II naval history, centering on the titular ship, an aircraft carrier so large it made many members of its crew feel invulnerable. Known as “The Ship That Wouldn’t Die,” the relatively new vessel was also a special target for Japanese dive-bombers, who attacked it relentlessly while it was stationed less than 100 miles off the enemy’s coast, busily launching air strikes against the mainland. On March 19, 1945, a Japanese plane slipped through Franklin gunfire and successfully dropped a bomb, setting off the carrier’s own explosives and flammable fuel, turning the enormous craft into an inferno, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of men. This account includes the still-shocking sidebar of the Franklin captain’s accusation of desertion aimed at the many seamen and officers who were forced into the ocean by flames and smoke. Directed by Robert Child, this compelling documentary—narrated by Capt. Dale Dye—deftly mixes archival footage shot aboard the carrier and surrounding ships with recent interviews of surviving veterans of the conflagration. DVD extras include a conversation with Dye. Highly recommended. Aud: C, P. (T. Keogh) May/June 2012  (Volume 27, Issue 3)***1/2

Blood Betrayal (book)
"The story is quite intriguing and has moments of greatness — chapter 7 in particular — which elevates this book into good territory. As a guy who loves going downtown, it was easy to visual all the places Child mentions. But it also made me think, "Wow, did all that stuff really happen here?" Grade B-
Kevin Tustin - Delaware News Network July 18, 2012 See full review.

"I thought it had a very compelling opening, and after a couple of pages, I had that feeling of 'I'm in good hands,' and eager to see where this is going.  I felt lots of intrigue, stakes, and conflict right from the outset, with a clear, terse writing style that drew me in right away." --Erik Bork, Emmy Award winning screenwriter, Band of Brothers.

Silent Wings: The American Glider Pilots of WWII

“I truly enjoyed Silent Wings – The American Glider Pilots of WWII. It made me realize again how important Walter Cronkite is. I wish we had more of his stories on record.”
George Larrimore, Access Hollywood

"For all of the awful war films of late with endless digital effects and bad scripts (i.e.. Flyboys), it is great and refreshing to see this kind of story done with heart, intelligence, detail, real honor and dignity instead of as fluff or propagandist hype with some slick agenda. Silent Wings is the year's first great documentary". - Nicholas Sheffo,

 "Walter Cronkite and Andy Rooney, who were among eight civilian and military combat journalists making up "The Writing 69th," both make appearances in the new film "Silent Wings: The American Glider Pilots of World War II."
     Narrated by actor Hal Holbrook, the long-overdue film on an almost-forgotten fighting force interviews several surviving glider veterans and features rare archival footage and photographs that "put the audience right at the center of the action in the hazardous world of the American glider pilot."
- John McCaslin, The Washington Times, March 1, 2007 

"War correspondents Walter Cronkite and Andy Rooney punctuate a heady amount of archival footage chronicling the pilots' activities. History buffs and WWII aficionados will be enthralled by the in-depth treatment of this neglected subject."
 - Ed Grant, Video Business, March 12, 2007
Lincoln and Lee at Antietam

This incredible, no-nonsense Civil War documentary is an unforgettable journey into the bloodiest one-day battle ever fought on American soil. In 90 minutes, you'll get an unforgettable history lesson and a better understanding of how one battle shaped the outcome of the war, and paved the way for President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. Watch it once, then watch it again with the commentary by Child and Maxwell. **** (4 out of 4 Stars) Chicago Sun-Times, 3/10/2006

The documentary Lincoln and Lee at Antietam: The Cost of Freedom is a blessing for history buffs. Directed by Robert Child, the film offers valuable insight into Lincoln’s drafting of the Emancipation Proclamation. It is a compelling portrait of an American hero, a man who located his own ethical center and remained steadfast and true to its focal point in some of his country’s most dire hours. A--Now Playing Magazine 3/22/2006

“War should never be a course of action - it should always be a course of reaction, and an extreme one at that. This documentary does a fine job of making us see such a truth.”

“Lincoln and Lee at Antietam is a gripping look at the bloodiest battle in American history. Deadlier than Gettysburg, deadlier than the D-Day landing in Normandy, consider this 90-minute documentary a compliment to Ken Burns' excellent Civil War series.” - The Oklahoman (newspaper)

“The tale of the entire day is mapped out with great care, giving us insights into the most prominent officers on both sides and how they each figure into the battle. This is a project of great scope as well as one close to heart for all parties involved, and it shows. Bringing together narrator Ronald Maxwell and historian James McPherson gives the project a credibility it is richly deserving of and this film should be one that will not disappoint.”(4 STARS) -

“Lincoln and Lee boasts an evocative musical score and feature quality technical work. It's a fascinating and effective chronicle of an insufficiently recognized chapter in our national history. Highly recommended to students and history buffs”. -Video Business

“A worthy addition to anyone's Civil War video collection, this film clearly benefits from impeccable in-depth research. Maxwell’s feature-length commentary with Child lends another layer of detailed information to this authoritative DVD.”
--Jeff Shannon ( Editorial Review)

“One of the easiest ways to learn history is through DVD's such as this one. It takes an event in history and breaks it down into understandable information. Whether you are a Civil War buff or just someone who wants to know more about our country's history, you should look at, study and recommend this film."
- (Hollywood Reviewer)

"Articulate and gut-wrenching, Lincoln and Lee at Antietam is a must for any history buff."
- Jordan Riefe, ABC Radio Network

Gettysburg Three Days of Destiny 

"Civil War buffs, who are often disappointed by historical liberties taken by feature film producers, will find the details of their favorite battle intact."
-Video Business May 17, 2004, A Variety ® Publication

Video Librarian- June 2004 Issue

"Masterful storytelling with emotional intensity in the tradition of great 'Hollywood historical epics."
-Washington DC Independent Film Festival

"A powerful depiction of a moment
in American History that has special resonance for our society today."
- Anne White, New York International Film & Video Festival

"Majestic and simply awesome".
- Don Hubbard, The Camp Chase Gazette

Gettysburg The Boys in Blue and Gray

“It is, I can say, one of the most beautifully photographed shows I have ever seen. If Luminence Films takes it name from the word luminance, it certainly lives up to its moniker.”
- Stephen Kopfinger, Television Reviewer, Lancaster Intelligencer-Journal

“We really loved the program and have scheduled it to ‘kick off’ the rebroadcast of Ken Burns’ The Civil War series and an entire week of Civil War programming on WETA Washington DC on Sept 22nd.”
- Mary Marshall, Programming, WETA Washington DC the PBS station that produced The Civil War series with Ken Burns

“Very well shot and very well written.”
- Charlie Maday Senior Vice President, Programming, The History Channel

“There is no doubt in our minds that your film is one of the finest programs we have seen about the Civil War. The music accompanying the film is simply incredible and adds a great finishing touch to what is an already compelling film.”
- Steven Thum and Elaine Larson, South Dakota Public Broadcasting

“Informative and very well produced.”
- Karen Lewis Conen, Library Video Company 

“This program deserves airplay.”
- Dick Hoffman, Director of Programming, KET, Kentucky PBS 

3 & 1/2 Stars out of 4!
Culled from diaries, letters, historical photographs, and government reports, the PBS aired Gettysburg: The Boys in Blue & Gray presents a thrilling reenactment of one of the greatest battles of the Civil War. Filmed in five states, with seven full scale battle scenes, this professional production, created with the participation of hundreds of re-enactors, employs a strong narrative format highlighted by the observations put forth in a 175-paragraph letter by Lt. Frank Haskell an aide de camp to Union General John Gibbon. Taking its cue from the Ken Burns school of documentary filmmaking, the program mixes archival photos, readings, and music, to serve up a stirring, realistic, and thoroughly informative look at a battle that signaled a major turning point in the Civil War. Highly recommended."
Video Librarian Nov-Dec 2002 Issue.

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