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Parkland - It is Time to Say No More

The horrific tragedy at Parkland, FL has affected me on a deep level. I have children the same age as those who were savagely gunned down. I used to be a supporter of "the people's right to bear arms." I no longer hold that view for three very specific reasons.

1) That right was signed into law at our country's founding when citizens carried muskets and the most powerful weapon on earth was a brass cannon that shot a 2 - 6lb lead ball. The world has vastly changed since the Revolutionary War but the 2nd Amendment has not.

2) Weapons of war should simply not be available to anyone not engaged in war. An AK-47 or AR-15 is a weapon of war.

3) The state of background checks for purchasing a fire arm of any kind is a completely broken system. If current background checks were effective the 19 year old shooter at Parkland with his troubled history would not own a gun. And in fact he owned 10.

I am known by my books and films about war which of course is violent. But if you've seen any of my films or read any of my books you'll know they have never been about guns or violence. They are about humanity's capacity to rise above the horror (war) that surrounds them find grace and persevere. And that as a society is what we have to do now.

This atrocity has landed on our doorstep and in the nation's consciousness for one very powerful reason. It is time for our society to decide what we will and will not permit to stand. Everyone must ask themselves, "does the right to permit someone to carry arms supersede our children's right to live in safety without fear?"

It is clear that things in this country need to change. The tipping point has been passed. Below is a PSA produced in March 2018 by U.S. military veterans which illustrates EXACTLY what I am speaking about.

The time has come to say NO MORE because it is up to us to create the world we want to live in. The majority of the population believes and in fact demands that they and their children have the right to live their lives in safety free from fear. That is a divine right more powerful than the minority who believe the right to bear arms and the gun laws that support them should stay the way they are. No they should not.

Robert Child
Posted by Robert Child

Check Out "The Other Boys of Summer " on Kickstarter

Since I like to highlight great projects I wanted to let folks know about a fantastic forthcoming film by my colleague, Lauren Meyer. Lauren is a director based in New York and she has been working on The Other Boys of Summer for over a decade. That's dedication! Lauren launched a fundraising campaign yesterday in honor or Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights and equality.

You can check out the project HERE ON KICKSTARTER.

The Other Boys of Summer is a documentary exploring racism, segregation and civil rights in America through the lives of the Negro League baseball players.  She has interviews with the men (and women) who played alongside of Jackie Robinson and were the trailblazers of the civil rights movement.  Most of the players have passed away and she has exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with them sharing their personal stories.

Why is this film important?

Not only did the Negro League players change the game of baseball, but they changed America.  The story is relevant today and has the ability to inspire people to pursue their dreams and believe they can impact change.  It offers an alternative to all of the anger and protests associated with civil rights today.  As this generation of players dwindles, their history is vanishing along with them. This film will preserve their legacy.

"The Other Boys of Summer" is part prosocial campaign, part love letter to a generation of unsung heroes and the game of baseball, and part civil rights advocate. Jackie Robinson is the face of Black baseball. But, there are hundreds of others who he played alongside of in the Negro Leagues, who also had a major role in impacting civil rights in America. These men and women can be seen as a spearhead to the Civil Rights Movement, but few people have ever heard of them.

I hope you'll check out Lauren's project and consider supporting it with a contribution. As of this writing she is more than 80% towards her fundraising goal. Help her put this great project over the top. You can check out the project HERE ON KICKSTARTER.

Posted by Robert Child

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