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Posted by : Robert Child Friday

Production has been completed in the UK on the audiobook version of one of my top selling books, How Canada Won the Great War. I was extremely fortunate to be able to enlist the talents of seasoned British voice over artist, Colin McLean.

I auditioned nearly twenty narrators but Colin rose to the top. He has this timeless quality to his voice which fit perfectly with the WWI story. It was a true collaboration from start to finish and it was fun to again work across an ocean. James Gillies is just wrapping the narration on my Rush On Boys - Hamilton at War book in Scotland.

The audiobook files for How Canada Won the Great War are being processed now and they will soon be available on both and itunes. I will make a separate announcement when I know the definite retail release date which be in early April. Listen to an excerpt below.

How Canada Won the Great War - Audiobook Excerpt by Robert Child

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  1. Nick says:


    I don't understand your title if you take the time to see the casualties of other participating nations in this conflict you will note that Canada's are small in comparison. So how do you come to the conclusion Canada won the war? You state Canadians were tougher men than British City boys however the truth is that thousands of British City boys flocked to Canada to escape the austere life that Britain was at that time. Also within the ranks of the CEF a quarter were British City boys. What a lot of people fail to recognise is the class system which existed in the British Army meant that Ncos and men had no knowledge of plans or intelligence when going into an attack and therefore could not work on their own initiative when an officer was killed. This was the big difference between Australian and Canadian troops and was the difference between failure and success. Canada was a major addition to British Forces during the Great War, however keep it in context as this only belittles the sacrifice of the hundreds of thousands of British City boys who still lie in France and Flanders today.

  2. Nick, Thanks for your comment and I acknowledge these sacrifices in the forward of the book. I spent 15 months on this project in France, Belgium and Canada and there was a separate researcher who spent years compiling the stats as well. Now the team were all cautious not to call the project what I called my book. But unfortunately in this LOUD world you have to be provocative to be noticed. That is just the way it is today. I don't like it but that is what the landscape is. Best Wishes.

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