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Posted by : Robert Child Thursday

Image Courtesy of the New York Post the newspaper founded by Hamilton
I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of boos directed at the Treasury for their recent announcement that Alexander Hamilton would be removed from the $10 bill to be replaced by a woman of merit to be named later. Come again? Remove Hamilton from the currency - the first Treasury Secretary of the United States and the founder of our banking system for someone unnamed? I agree completely with, Rand Scholet, President and Founder of the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society in his comments about the injustice.

"The injustice of women not yet placed on U.S. currency does not justify creating another injustice by removing Alexander Hamilton from the $10 bill. The ‘Women on 20s’ campaign makes a persuasive case for the use of the $20 bill for highlighting distinguished U.S. women. Hamilton gave the United States its economic, financial, banking, and monetary systems that strengthened the nation during its founding, and has fueled its economic growth for over 225 years. Alexander Hamilton deserves to be "Right on the Money!" 

Rand is certainly not alone. Numerous articles have appeared highlighting the outrage including articles in the New York Times.

Ron Chernow, author of Hamilton makes an eloquent unapologetic argument to keep Hamilton on the currency in a recent article on Politico.

Ironically in our increasingly politically correct world the person who deserves to be removed from the currency is Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. He is the President responsible for the Trail of Tears, which removed Native Americans from their tribal lands. If you read further into Jackson's history I am confident you will be appalled.

I had the opportunity to study Hamilton in depth while writing my historical novel Rush on Boys: Hamilton at War. I felt after months and months I came to understand the man and his motivations and especially his hopes and dreams for what America could be. We live in Hamilton's America not Jefferson's and the groundwork that Hamilton laid has supported our nation's economy for over 225 years. He was an immigrant who saw the greatness of America before it was even a nation. And in my opinion we should honor and celebrate the man who gave us so much by keeping him "on the money." 

If you want to learn more about the Keep HamilTEN initiative the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society has created a Resource Page with many links and quotes. They will also be highlighting this issue at their upcoming Celebrate Hamilton Days July 10 - 14 in NY/NJ. More information HERE.

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