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Watch My Films Streaming on Amazon Prime Video
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Posted by : Robert Child Friday

In honor of Veterans Day Weekend 2017 and my Great Grandfather, Thomas W. Child, who fought on Little Round Top with the 18th Massachusetts on the third day of battle, (See story) I am offering the Kindle version of my book Gettysburg Voices From the Front at the very low price of free. It is a stirring collection of first person narratives from the great battle.

The is also a paperback version and audiobook version but they are not part of this special promotion. If you're a Kindle user I hope you will garb a copy of this book while the promotion lasts!

Gettysburg Voices From the Front
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A stirring collection of first-hand accounts from Privates on up to the commanding Generals at the Battle of Gettysburg woven into a dramatic and compelling narrative. The reader is transported back to the chaos and uncertainty of the sweltering first three days of July 1863 when Lee's Army of Northern Virginia invaded the North threatening Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington itself. Soldiers on both sides gave everything they had believing that Gettysburg would be the final epic battle in an already long and terrible war.


Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, commanding 20th Maine: 
The 20th Maine passed on to the wheat field where heroic men standing
bright as golden grain were ravaged by death's wild reapers from
the woods. We had a momentary glimpse of the third corps, left in
the front of round top, and the fearful struggle at the Devil's Den.

Captain Hillyer, 9th Georgia Infantry: 
Our line emerged from the stumpy brush through which we had charged, and came out into a
long, narrow, but nearly straight opening, which skirted the foot of
the little round top. On crossing this opening and going a little way
up the rocky slope, we saw that not one of the entire line was nearer
to the enemy's position than we were, and that our little attacking
column hesitated. They were all veterans in the highest sense. I heard no order to
retreat, and gave none, but everybody, officers and men, seemed to
realize that we could not carry the position. Captain Hillyer, 9th Georgia infantry.

Colonel Chamberlain: As we neared the summit of the mountain,
the shot so raked the crest that we had to keep our men below it to
save our heads. Although this did not wholly avert the visits of
treetops and splinters of rock and iron.

The Lost Eleven

The Lost Eleven
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