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Posted by : Robert Child Saturday

London, UK – October 24. 2019. In a deal which was signed earlier this month a UK - based producer has secured the theatrical rights to Robert Child’s screenplay, THE LOST ELEVEN, adapted from the book of the same name published by Penguin / Random House.

The screenplay, which is based on the true story of the “Wereth Eleven,” retraces the steps eleven black GI's from the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion took when Germans at the start of the Battle of the Bulge overran their unit. Their 10-mile trek from their battery position to Wereth, Belgium would be the last journey of their lives as a resident turned them into an SS scouting party. 

 British Executive Producer Jamie Hobbis Founding Partner Venturi Film Ltd.

Jamie Hobbis the British, Emmy® Nominated Director of Photography and Founding Partner Venturi Film, Ltd., who optioned the script has enjoyed a career in film and television spanning more than 20 years. Having had a hand in some of the most groundbreaking drama docs and factual television shows for the likes of Nat Geo and Discovery such as ‘The Great Martian War’ and ’T-Rex Autopsy’, for Jamie, the transition into feature film was the obvious and natural route to take.

Jamie was the cinematographer for the American docudrama, The Wereth Eleven.

“I love nothing more than telling a great story about
amazing people. If that story is a true story then
everyone should hear it. The story of The Lost
Eleven has captivated me for nearly ten years. Of
all the tales I’ve had a hand in telling over the past
twenty years, never have I wanted to tell a story
more than this one.” J. Hobbis

British Producing Partner, Jasmin Morrison

Jamie has brought in Producing Partner, Jasmin Morrison, an experienced film professional in feature film finance. In 2019 Jasmin founded Soul Cognition a production and consultancy company, which is committed to diverse stories from a myriad of writers and directors.

Having previously served as the Investment Manager at London based The Fyzz Facility Jasmin has been involved in the financing of over 100 feature films and has experience working from conception to distribution. Credits include 47 METERS DOWN, THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT and THE INFORMER. 

“I am thrilled that both Jamie and Jasmin are moving the film forward into development,” Child commented and continued. “Interest in WWII remains strong in Britain and Europe as this was the bloody battleground. Memories remain fresh and the scars are still healing.” 

 For more information, reach out to either of the producers at the contact information below.

Jamie Hobbis:

Jasmin Morrison

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Tribute to Joe Small

Tribute to Joe Small
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