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New Kindle ebook - How Canada Won the Great War

I have released my first nonfiction military history ebook based on a WWI film project I worked on a couple years back in Canada. We are coming up on the hundredth anniversary of the start of the Great War and this story like most of the others I have done is largely an untold one.


For nearly 100 years Canada's role in ending WWI sooner than anyone thought possible has gone largely unrecognized. The Canadian Corp led by citizen soldier, Arthur Currie, became the premiere fighting force on the Western Front. The fact that Canada was not yet a formalized nation but a Dominion at the close of the war may be the reason for the absence of recognition yet the record of the Canadian WWI military accomplishments is irrefutable.

Canadian soldiers unlike British "city boys" hailed from hard scrabble farms and logging camps. Their natural survival and hunting instincts were exactly what the Great War required.         

Watch the "Book Trailer" for the project below.

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Filming at the Battle of Princeton on Memorial Day

Don Troian's - Washington at the Battle of Princeton 1777
This coming Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27 the production I am directing, America's First D-day: Washington Crossing has been granted permission to film at the first ever Battle of Princeton Reenactment held on the actual grounds of the historic Revolutionary War battle in Princeton, NJ. We will have "embedded cameramen" to catch the close-up action as both the British and American armies clash. And our own, John Koopman who portrays General George Washington in our film and who also posed for the painting featured Don Troiani - Washington at the Battle of Princeton 1777 will be leading the patriots into battle.

Early on the morning of January 3, 1777, British and American forces clashed in the fields of brothers William and Thomas Clarke in the final major battle of the Trenton-Princeton Campaign. For 45 minutes, charges and counter-charges ebbed and flowed between the two farm houses, only one of which (the Thomas Clarke House) still survives. By 9 AM, the major fighting was over, though sporadic skirmishes continued all the way to Nassau Hall. Princeton Battlefield State Park preserves a portion of the core battlefield, providing visitors with the opportunity to see the spot where one of the pivotal engagements of the American Revolution occurred.

Reenactors portraying Revolutionary War British, American, and German soldiers, including both infantry and cavalry, will be site on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. The weekend's events will feature reenactments of the 1777 battle at 2 pm each afternoon along with demonstration of eighteenth-century military drill and opportunities to visit with General George Washington and British Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Mawhood.

The event is sponsored by The Princeton Battlefield Society.  More information.

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