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73 Years to the Day The Wereth Eleven Receive Their Recogniton

Just yesterday I received in the mail this beautiful signed Senate Resolution, S. RES. 99, honoring the service and sacrifice of The Wereth Eleven. Today December 17, 2017 I opened it 73 years to the day after they were murdered in 1944. Sometimes timing means something and this is the case here.

I have been involved with bringing the Wereth story to light for going on nine years both with the Wereth Eleven docudrama and the subsequent book, The Lost Eleven. The story has become a part of me and opening this Resolution today personally signed by Senator Joe Manchin (WV) @JoeManchinWV means more than words can express.

To me it means all lives matter and the drive to shed light on this atrocity fulfills my fellow producer, Joseph Small's simple reason for doing the story. He said, "I felt the men's dignity had been taken from them and I could not let that stand."

With passage of this Resolution I believe the men have had their dignity and honor restored. And I plan to continue to remind all about this story in every way I can so that something like this never happens again.

The Wereth Eleven.....Are

Staff Sergeant Thomas J. Forte

Technician Fourth Grade William Edward Pritchett of Alabama

Technician Fourth Grade James A. Stewart of West Virginia

Corporal Mager Bradley of Mississippi

Private First Class George Davis of Alabama

Private First Class James L. Leatherwood of Pontotoc, Mississippi

Private First Class George W. Moten of Texas

Private First Class Due W. Turner of Arkansas

Private Curtis Adams of South Carolina

Private Robert Green of Mississippi

Private Nathanial Moss of Texas

The Wereth Eleven docudrama can be seen often on American Heroes Channel (AHC) and it streams on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

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Tribute to Joe Small
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