New Book on Churchill in WWII | Taking London

Robert Child chats with NY Times bestselling author Martin Dugard about his latest book, Taking London.

Great Britain, summer 1940. The Battle of France is over. The Battle of Britain is about to begin. Adolf Hitler’s powerful armies control Europe. England stands alone against this juggernaut, the whole world knowing it is only a matter of time before Nazi Germany unleashes its military might on the island nation. In London, a new prime minister named Winston Churchill is determined to defeat the Nazi menace, no matter the costs.

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An African Coup in New Thriller Sentinel by Mark Greaney

A conversation with NY Times bestselling author, Mark Greaney on his latest military thriller, Sentinel. About Sentinel: An African coup may force Josh Duffy to choose between his mission and his family in this intense thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Gray Man series. Josh Duffy and his wife Nikki are both working for the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service providing protection for diplomats in the field. They've been sent to Ghana with a team of US embassy personnel who are there to highlight American commitment to the construction of a new dam. Since Ghana is a stable democracy, the Duffy children have come along for a short vacation. But stability proves to be fleeting when a Chinese plan to embarrass the US means the destruction of the dam. Now Josh and his protectees are on the run caught between a Chinese hit squad and a rebel army.

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Fort Sumter Battle: Lead Up and Aftermath

In the early hours of April 12, 1861, the tranquil waters of Charleston Harbor bore witness to the opening salvo of the American Civil War. The battle that ensued at Fort Sumter would ignite a conflict that would tear a nation apart.

The fall of Fort Sumter marked the beginning of a brutal and protracted war. The Confederates' victory electrified the South, while in the North, Lincoln's call for 75,000 volunteers to suppress the rebellion was met with overwhelming support. The battle lines were drawn.

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Deadliest Marine Sniper in History

Robert Child sits down with author, Jim Lindsay. Lindsay's The Sniper reveals, for the first time ever, the full story of the deadliest sniper in Marine Corps history, Chuck Mawhinney, who served in the Vietnam war at age 18―written with his full cooperation and participation.

Charles "Chuck" Mawhinney was a United States Marine who holds the Corps' record for the most confirmed sniper k*lls (and the second most of any US service member in history), having recorded 103 confirmed kills in 16 months during the Vietnam War. He was also the youngest―k*lling the enemy as a teenager. In 1967, at the age of 18, Mawhinney joined the Marines and began his assent from recruit to the Marine Corps’ deadliest sniper. During his tours―in one of the most dangerous war zones of Vietnam―his character and charisma helped him deal with life and death in a hell hole with other young men a long way from home.

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Combat Vet Interview | Damn the Valley

A conversation with author Will Yeske about his combat experience with 1st Platoon,  Bravo Company in Afghanistan and his new book Damn the Valley.

"A riveting, unsparing, gritty, first-hand account of life in a great airborne unit that engaged in some of the toughest fighting in Afghanistan."—General David Petraeus, former Commander of the Surge in Iraq, US Central Command, former Commander of NATO/US Forces in Afghanistan and former Director of the CIA. “DAMN THE VALLEY” was a phrase regularly uttered by the men that spent any amount of time in the Arghandab River Valley during the deployment of 2 Fury to Afghanistan in 2009–2010. The valley has claimed bodies from the troops of Alexander the Great, the British Empire, and more recently, the Russian Army. Operating in the valley was like nothing the men could have envisaged, they called it the “meat grinder.

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Just Released New Faith-Based Documentary - Warriors of Faith

From the battlefields of the Old Testament to the medieval crusades, there are those whose unwavering faith and steadfast conviction shaped the course of nations, and whose sacrifices echo through the ages.

From a legendary commander of the Israelites, who led his people to victory against overwhelming odds, to a courageous peasant girl, who defied the might of empires guided by divine visions.

We uncover the profound influence of a fearless Pope, whose call to arms ignited the fervor of the Crusades, and an indomitable sect of warrior monks, sworn to protect pilgrims and preserve the Christian faith.

Join us as we explore the trials, triumphs, and timeless legacy of these “Warriors of Faith,” whose courage inspired generations and whose stories continue to resonate today. Below is the program screening at Youtube but it has just been approved for wider global streaming release via my distributor.

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General Sir Arthur Currie: Leading the Charge | WWI Last 100 Days

Just Released. Join us on a gripping historical journey as we delve into the remarkable leadership of General Sir Arthur Currie during the opening last 100 days of World War I. In this video, we explore how Currie's strategic brilliance and innovative tactics shaped the course of the war, focusing particularly on new artillery tactics.

As the Allies launched their final offensive in August 1918, Currie's command played a pivotal role in the relentless push against German forces. Through detailed analysis and gripping storytelling, we uncover Currie's tactical maneuvers, his adept handling of troops, and his unwavering determination to secure victory.

From the intense planning stages to the dramatic battlefield encounters, this video offers a comprehensive look at Currie's leadership during this critical period of the Great War. Join us as we unravel the complexities of the conflict and pay tribute to the courage and sacrifice of those who fought under Currie's command.

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A Conversation with MIlitary Thriller Author, Mark Greaney

I sat down last week with author, Mark Greaney, to discuss his latest book. The New York Times bestselling author is back with a topical edge-of-your-seat thriller. Someone is eliminating the world’s leading experts on robotics and artificial intelligence. Is it a tech company trying to eliminate the competition or is it something even more sinister? 

It is a story that certainly could be "ripped from the headlines" with the growing presence of artificial intelligence in all parts of society. Watch the interview below.

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President's Day (Feb 19th) Speaking Event at Virginia Military Institute - VMI

I am very proud to announce this upcoming Monday evening at 7:45pm February 19th, President's Day I will be giving a talk in honor of Black History Month at Virginia Military Institute.

The presentation of the seven Black Medal of Honor recipients of World War II is co-sponsored by the VMI Center for Leadership and Ethics, the VMI office of Diversity, Opportunity and Inclusion, The George C. Marshall Foundation and supported by the Dean's Academic Speaker Program.

Attendees to the event will learn of the heroic actions and struggles of these seven black Americans who were awarded their country's highest military honor for valor "above and beyond the call of duty."

I hope you can join me this coming Monday night in Lexington, Virginia at the Gillis Theater on the campus of VMI for this very special program.

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