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Special Ops: Season One Rogue Soldier A New Audio Thriller Series

Our New 8-Part Military Thriller Podcast Series launched Tuesday, July 25th. 

The first two episodes of the first season, Rogue Soldier have been released. The remaining six follow each week to finish up season one.


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EPISODE ONE (Released July 25th)

Burning Secrets: The Walter Reed Assignment

In a darkened apartment, former Marine Tom Stone excels in the online gaming world, but his real-life assignments are far more dangerous. As he awaits a new mission, memories of his past and his path into the world of Black Ops haunt him. Today, he is faced with an unprecedented challenge—erasing records from the secure Walter Reed Military Hospital. The gravity of the mission dawns on Tom as he realizes the true implications of his assignment. With his sister and her children's lives hanging in the balance, he must decide whether to carry out the CIA's ruthless plan or find another way out.

EPISODE TWO  (Released July 25th)

Betrayal in Bethesda

Colonel Jake Hamilton receives a distressing call about an active shooter at Walter Reed Medical Center. Shocked to learn it might be one of his former team members, Tom Stone, a troubled explosives specialist, he recalls their intertwined past. Inside the medical center, Tom makes a fateful decision, leaving a tense standoff with the media waiting outside. The story continues with gripping uncertainty and danger, leaving everyone wondering how it will all unfold.

EPISODE THREE  (Released August 1st)

Rogue Mission

In the depths of Walter Reed Medical Center, CIA operative Larson receives a scathing reprimand for Tom Stone's betrayal and a mission gone awry. The CIA, considering the hostages as expendable, orders Larson to eliminate Stone by any means necessary. As Larson grapples with his loyalty to the fellow military hostages and the orders from his superiors, he resolves to act swiftly, hoping to find a way to save lives while navigating the delicate negotiations. Lives hang in the balance as Larson prepares to take decisive action, but the path to a different outcome remains uncertain.
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Recent Episodes on TWA Flight 800, Apollo 11 and More

July 17th - Unanswered Questions: TWA Flight 800 - A Tragic Mystery. We commemorate the 27th anniversary of one of aviation's most tragic incidents - the downing of TWA Flight 800. This episode wades into the mystery and controversy surrounding the crash; exploring the unanswered questions that continue to haunt investigators and the public alike.

July 21st - Brother Against Brother: The Bloodstained Legacy of Bull Run. Bull Run on July 21, 1861, was the first full-scale battle of the Civil War. The fierce fight there forced both the North and South to face the sobering reality that the war would be long and bloody. 
July 24th - Homecoming: Apollo 11's Triumphant Return and the Navy's Indispensable Role. One of humanity's greatest achievements—the Apollo 11 mission—and the moon landing are the backdrop to the unsung heroes who played a crucial role in bringing the astronauts back home safely. And we shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions made by the United States Navy. 

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Decoding President Lincoln's Assassination: Inside His Final Hours

In this captivating episode, we delve into the tragic events that unfolded on the fateful night of April 14, 1865, when President Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theatre. Join us as we explore the gripping details of Lincoln's final hours, revealing an intriguing twist with the discovery of Dr. Charles Leale's long-lost report in 2012. LISTEN ON SPOTIFY
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Fatal Encounter: Alexander Hamilton's Duel and it's Aftermath

Until Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash Broadway musical, Hamilton, the youngest of America’s founding fathers, had been better known for the way he met his demise - a duel with despised arch rival Aaron Burr. It has become the most famous duel in American history. But what happened afterward might surprise you. And the duel itself has been mired in controversy for more than 200 years. LISTEN ON SPOTIFY.

From Slavery to Heroism: The Extraordinary Journey of William Carney

Against the backdrop of the Civil War, Carney's journey from enslavement to becoming the first Black soldier to earn the Medal of Honor is nothing short of extraordinary. We explore the intense battle at Fort Wagner where Carney displayed exceptional bravery and selflessness, risking his life to save the Union flag. We shed light on the significance of Carney's actions, the impact it had on the fight for equality, and his enduring legacy as a symbol of courage and resilience.

Recent Interview on WW2-TV Discussing My Book Immortal Valor

Privileged to be a second-time guest on WW2-TV this past week the superb history channel on Youtube. Check out my discussion with Paul Woodadge on my book Immortal Valor, now out in paperback. 

The remarkable story of the seven African American soldiers ultimately awarded the World War II Medal of Honor, and the 50-year campaign to deny them their recognition. 

In 1945, when Congress began reviewing the record of the most conspicuous acts of courage by American soldiers during World War II, they recommended awarding the Medal of Honor to 432 recipients. Despite the fact that more than one million African-Americans served, not a single Black soldier received the Medal of Honor. The omission remained on the record for over four decades.

Posted by Robert Child

D-Day Training Fiasco Operation Tiger

Click over to our Youtube channel as we delve into the harrowing events of Operation Tiger, a tragic D-Day training exercise that took place on April 28, 1944. In this captivating video, we uncover the little-known details surrounding this disastrous event, shedding light on a dark chapter of World War II history.

Operation Tiger was designed as a large-scale rehearsal for the upcoming D-Day invasion, intended to prepare troops for the imminent assault on the beaches of Normandy. However, what was supposed to be a routine exercise turned into a nightmare that resulted in the loss of many brave lives.

Tragically, the operation encountered significant difficulties. German E-boats, fast attack craft, launched a surprise attack on the convoy of landing ships, catching the Allies off guard. The ensuing chaos and confusion led to the sinking of several vessels and the loss of over 700 servicemen, both soldiers and sailors. Join us as we commemorate the brave soldiers who lost their lives during Operation Tiger and reflect upon the sacrifices made by those who fought in World War II. This video serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by the Allied forces in their quest for freedom and highlights the importance of learning from history to ensure a brighter future. Don't miss this gripping account of Operation Tiger, a forgotten chapter of World War II, as we bring you the untold stories and shed light on the disastrous D-Day training exercise that took place on April 28, 1944. Hit the play button and journey back in time with us.

Posted by Robert Child

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