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This year’s Turkey Day 2008 (Thanksgiving) truly is one if you want to invest quality time into watching horrible NFL games. One word, which politely describes the three scheduled matchups, is “one-sided”.

First off at 12:30P (EST) is Tennessee (10-1) at Detroit (0-11). Could there possibly be a bigger line spread in NFL history? This is the one loss powerhouse with dreams of the Superbowl against the Motown Misfits with dreams of first draft choice. The only entertaining aspect of the game will be to see how the pair in the broadcast booth try to portray this as a really exciting way to spend three hours. Scheduled, short-straw drawing, CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Phil Simms must be mining the archives right now to have a endless supply of interesting football facts on hand to keep their viewers awake.

Next on the dance card at 4:15 (EST) is the Seattle Seahawks (2-9) at the Dallas Cowboys (7-4). The Seahawks are coming off their fourth loss in a row last week against Washington and have lost seven out of the last eight games and are tied for last place in the NFC West with pitiful St. Louis. If lame-duck coach Mike Holmgren isn’t careful he may repeat or exceed Seattle’s loss margin of 55-7 in their first turkey day appearance with Dallas in 1980. I watched the Seahawks play on November 2, in their 26-7 loss to the Eagles. Since the Seahawks uniforms are so similar to the “Birds”, watching that game and their mediocre play, I mistakenly thought I was watching the Eagles half the time.

Which brings us to the biggest turkey of them all at 8:15P (EST) the Arizona Cardinals (7-4) at Philadelphia (5-5-1) which is certain to be a route. Arizona needs only one more victory (this one) to take home their first division title since 1975. 33 years is long time between titles and you can just bet the Cardinals will have fire in their eyes. It may be more painful to watch than Philadelphia’s last two games if that is even imaginable. Thankfully many people won’t see the embarrassing spectacle as it is on NFL network, which is only in about 30 million homes.

So there is no escape from having to converse with your relatives until the college game comes on at 8:10P (EST) Texas A&M at Texas. After a day of turkeys this will seem like the only pro game on television.

Fast Facts:
Pro football games on Thanksgiving started in 1920
The Lions and the Cowboys host games on Thanksgiving every year
Dallas has played every Thanksgiving since 1966
As of 2008 only six teams have never played on Thanksgiving including; The Saints, Bengals and the Panthers.

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