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"It is beneath my dignity to allow the weather to interfere with my plans". – Sulieman The Magnificent, Ottoman Ruler
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In 1529 The Ottoman Empire was at it’s peak ruling most of the Balkan including Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Greece, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Egypt, North Africa, Algeria, and most of the Arab Peninsula and Sulieman, the Ottoman ruler, was seeking the prize of Vienna. Spring rains characteristic of southeastern Europe were particularly heavy that year, causing flooding in Bulgaria, and making many of the major roads on Suleiman's route barely passable. Sulieman’s advisors recommended he not make the march because of the weather. Suleiman disregarded their concerns and on May 10 began a four-month march into Austrian territory, which resulted in the loss of many of the men, camel, and the large caliber guns, which became hopelessly mired in mud and had to be left behind. By the time the invading army reached Vienna in late September, no heavy caliber cannons remained and the Ottoman force was reduced to slinging arrows at the heavily guarded fort. On October 14, Sulieman began a retreat back into Ottoman territory, which turned into disaster. Unseasonably heavy snows slowed his march and the remaining light artillery and most of the baggage and supplies were lost.

The siege of Vienna would come to be recognized by the Ottomans as their “high water mark”. It signaled the end of their imperialist expansion in Europe after 150 years of plunder.

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  1. Warfare is a fascinating subject. Despite the dubious morality of using violence to achieve personal or political aims. It remains that conflict has been used to do just that throughout recorded history.

    Your article is very well done, a good read.

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