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PBS Home Video has repackaged my film, Gettysburg The Boys in Blue and Gray, in a deluxe box set. It is releasing October 15, 2013 in time to coincide with the coming 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. It is available for purchase now at PBS and other major retailers.

Gettysburg and the Civil War 

It was one of the great turning points in American history: a clash of ideologies that spilled over from the political arena and onto the battlefield, where over half a million lives were lost. The war between the Union and the Confederacy saw the country divided along geographical, racial and industrial lines, and few were spared the decision of where to pledge their loyalty. Communities were torn apart, families broken and cities destroyed.

Now, travel back to this most significant of times and experience the Civil War as you've never seen it before. This premium collection - comprising a feature-length DVD, a 24-page history of the entire conflict, and a set of rare replica memorabilia and battle maps - pays tribute to the war that divided, almost destroyed, and ultimately defined our nation.

Release marks the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address. 

The feature-length documentary Gettysburg: The Boys In Blue & Gray presents the crucial battle of the war as described by the soldiers who took part, with dramatic reconstructions and archive material bringing you closer than ever to the action.

Additionally, a 24-page illustrated history of the conflict provides in-depth detail and context to the events of 1861-5, looking at the key engagements and personalities that shaped the outcome of the war.

Also Includes numerous pieces of rare memorabilia sourced from the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC. - a selection of lovingly recreated replica memorabilia and battle maps that brings history alive as you've never seen it before, with letters revealing personal and military insights into the war that turned brother against brother.

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