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Today I am announcing new professional services for authors as well as screenwriters.  I have been asked by folks over the years to review or take a look at their stories. I am always humbled as it means they value my opinion. But they also know I have actually sold and produced stuff in addition to having a publishing deal with Random House. So they get pretty sound advice.

So I am announcing the availability of my script and story consulting services with a wide variety of choices all purchasable online. It could not be easier and turn around is fast. My insight will help you know if you're on the right track, strengthen your character development as well as story arc. But ultimately my industry insight will make your project more marketable and sellable. Who knows it may even help to land you a writing deal with a major publishing house! No guarantees of course.

One thing I have always loved is writing. It is my passion and escape and profession. So if you are a writer at any skill level explore my offerings at the link below. There are economical options all the way up to full manuscript analysis. And of course I offer straight hourly consulting as well.

When you have a moment check all the options out at the link below. And thanks in advance if you become a valued client.

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Tribute to Joe Small
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