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"Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend a military thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat."

It is has been more than two years since I released my last thriller, The Russian van Gogh. Today I am beyond excited and proud to officially announce the release of Ghost Carrier: They Died to Fight Another Day which will debut exclusively on on May 27, 2016.

The epic story was written over the span of nearly three years with many starts and stops. As a writer one is compelled to write and I felt driven not only to finish this story but make it the no-holds-barred absolute best "pager turner" it could possibly be. Early beta readers commented back to me that the scenes within the book were so, "vividly powerful that they brought them to tears." Others reported that they simply "could not put it down."

This is the most complex and layered story that I have ever written because I wanted to explore several themes simultaneously while providing a clear premise and a dual storyline - the hero's journey of both a father and a son. The story will satisfy the military thriller reader as well as those seeking a paranormal twist with a little alternative history thrown in. While all this sounds mind numbing the result is I believe one of the most thought provoking stories I have ever written. But of course the reader will be the final judge.

The Story:

Frank Rusk hasn’t been sleeping well lately. He’s approaching his milestone 70th birthday. Each night for the past two weeks indescribable scenes of horror have awakened him. He is on an exploding ship in WWII, which is sinking fast. Men are burning alive all around him. He hears sailors cry out, “A Japanese torpedo hit the bomb bay! We are all going to die!” 

In these nightmarish visions Frank realizes he is not a spectator watching these images but a sailor living them.  Everywhere he turns he sees buddies he knows taking their last breaths. Frank realizes this horrifying scene must be what his father Joe Rusk experienced in his last moments alive before perishing on the aircraft carrier USS Liscomb Bay in 1943. The sinking occurred just two months after Frank was born.

At his 70th birthday party before blowing the candles out on his cake Frank makes a wish he has kept secret his entire life; an impossible wish that defies the laws of the Universe. Frank yearns to rewrite history and have his Dad in his life. As Frank blows out the candles his father Joe's face materializes in the flames. Joe Rusk appears terrified and screams out to Frank for help.

Unbeknown to Frank his father did not die in 1943 but entered a parallel dimension when his ship sank. Joe Rusk and the crew of the carrier are trapped in time on a parallel earth during WWII fighting a far superior Japanese naval force and America is losing the war. Outnumbered and out gunned the crew's only hope is the unbroken soul connection Joe and Frank share. Will the father and son lifeline be strong enough to bring the doomed crew home? Only time and history will tell.

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