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To my surprise this morning I read some news online about Saint Damien, Father Damien of Molokai. I'll spare you the ignorant, derogatory political comment made about this Catholic Saint and instead direct you to read about him in my book Ghost Carrier.

When I wrote the book I was very moved by Father Damien's work and life story in the leper colony in Hawaii. Part of the reason I made him a main character was to bring attention to him and his self-sacrificing (literally) work with the lepers of Molokai.

He was an outstanding servant to humanity and his work should be celebrated as an example of the goodness in men and women. Damien is similar to Mother Teresa and her work with the less fortunate in India and around the world. 

Using a racial slur against Saint Damien is no different then if one used it against Saint Mother Teresa, which is beyond the pale. 

The only positive I can see from this is Father Damien's work becoming better known and held up as an example of love for one's fellow man. Perhaps in an odd way a fool's hateful comment meant to destroy may instead only strengthen Damien's legacy. Time will tell but what is certain is Saint Damien's name will live on for centuries while his vile detractor will not even merit a footnote in history

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