'The seven African American soldiers awarded the WWII Medal of Honor, and the 50-year campaign, to deny them their recognition.'

Editorial Reviews:

"Robert Child astutely defines the meaning behind being given the Medal of Honor: 'devotion to the mission and sacrifice above and beyond the call of duty'. This is a simple but vitally important point to discern how to properly appreciate each of these seven stories."

Child is nothing if not meticulous about the precision of military warfare. Clearly, he has done extensive research on each individual’s background and experience in the American military. Additionally, Child is able to mould the emotional and military experiences of each soldier in this novel, allowing the prose to flow easily as we are enraptured in tumultuous and heroic battle scenes."  
–Camila Bolton, Feb 2022 issue of Aspects of History magazine. Full Review

"This book and its inspiring stories merits reading by soldiers, and all Americans, because so many of us still conceive of the world wars as “white” wars, fought and won by white men, an image and impression that standard books and movies still convey. African Americans have fought in every war that the Colonies and the country have waged, and a significant way to impress this fact on all ranks, and all Americans, is for them to read such a book." 
ARMY Magazine Feb 2022 issue. by John Morrow Jr. Dr. Morrow the Franklin and Saye Professor of History at the University of Georgia, specializes in the history of the world wars. In 2019, he was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Literature Award for Lifetime Achievement in Military Writing. Full Review

"So what makes these men unique? Author Robert Child explains the rest of the story: in 1993, a study showed that these men didn’t get the honors for which they were recommended. It took another four years before they finally received their medals, more than five decades after wars’ end. Child tells readers how this happened; he also says that other men are still waiting.
That all makes “Immortal Valor” part irritation, part history. The former lies waiting, wrapped in small biographies of those men, Jim Crow tales, and stories of valor so long unrecognized. The latter could be a bit of a challenge for civilians: along with tales of American society, it’s a lot of battles-and-dates information that, even so, pulses with adrenaline, blood, screams, and jaw-dropping bravery.
Go into “Immortal Valor” knowing this and you’ll burst with outrage and pride at nearly every word. Especially for veterans and their families, this is a book to pin down." 
–Terry Schlichenmeyer, Jacksonville Free Press, 2/1/22 issue. Full Review

The contributions and sacrifices made by African-Americans during World War II were endless, and many times unheralded unless you served alongside and depended on these courageous men in battle. War does not discriminate, but people do. These seven Medal of Honor recipients rose above that prejudice, and this well-written book shares their incredible stories that the public needs to hear.” 
Tim Gray, Founder and President, The World War II Foundation

“This is the only comprehensive narrative written about the African American Medal of Honor recipients of WWII to date. Extremely well written, with very little personal background on some of these men to work with, Child manages to bring each of these heroes' stories to life on a personal level. Child carefully reconstructs each recipient's life prior to his act of valor, demonstrating the character traits that made each an example of integrity, sacrifice and courage. This is a must-read book about seven black soldiers and their bravery at the highest level and the racial injustice that took over four decades to acknowledge. Well done!” 
Arthur Collins, President, 5th Platoon, the black World War II education and reenactment group

Immortal Valor tells the story of America's unsung heroes in a moving and insightful narrative. The research is meticulous and detailed, making each character rise up off the page.” 
Martin J. Dugard, New York Times bestselling co-author of Killing Patton

“In Immortal Valor, Robert Child celebrates the lives of seven men whose valor, personal character, and love of country took them above and beyond the call of duty. We learn not just what they did to earn the Medal of Honor--an honor they were denied for far too long--but who they were as human beings, so that their examples can continue to touch us today.” 
Edward G. Lengel, Ph.D., Chief Historian, National Medal of Honor Museum

Immortal Valor tells the story of seven courageous Americans who deeply loved their country at a time when America did not love them back. When it counted most, these men risked their lives in a manner above and beyond the call of duty, proving that patriotism is not defined by skin color, but by a person’s willingness to put cause and comrades first. Robert Child’s inspiring book conveys a valuable lesson to anyone wishing to understand the full extent of the American character. 
Gregory Urwin Ph.D., Professor , Temple University

Immortal Valor tells the stories of these seven Black soldiers, and the 50-year campaign to give them their recognition. The author, Robert Child, is a military history writer whose research and work towards this book is absolutely substantial. He not only captured the many contributions and sacrifices these men made, but we get to learn about their childhoods, families, and dreams. As an army veteran and someone who geeks out over military history, I enjoyed this book. Each story is a journey, and I was inspired by them. Their efforts paved a way for Black soldiers today, including for Black women being able to serve and be recognized.”
  ―Archuleta Chisolm, BlackGirlNerds.com   FULL REVIEW.  

Readers Reviews:

"A spectacular collection of biographies highlighting moments in these courageous mens’ lives. Author Robert Child sheds light on the selfless acts these heroes performed to defend a nation still not ready to respect them in turn. Great narrative style made this an amazing read. Their stories deserve to be celebrated and their names venerated." ―Katherine, GoodReads.com

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