"When it comes to writing, directing and producing, there's nobody better than Rob Child. He's one of those rare talents that can take a $500,000 budget and make it look like it was $5 million up on the screen. We have been honored to include several of his films in our Rights Portfolio at Janson Media, and we hope to continue working with Rob in the future."
Stephen Janson - Janson Media

On Location in Maryland for The Wereth Eleven.

"Rob Child is the premier historic film maker today. It is very rare to have a man who has command of not only of the production, set, editing and operational resources but also as a Director who has the direct historic knowledge and acumen when the project demands 100% accuracy. I do not have to recommend Rob. His work does it for him."
Tim Daniel - Director of History and Education at History Academy

On Location in Bucks Cty., PA for America's First D-Day.

"Living in the same area, Rob and I had been wanting to work together on a film project for years. We finally had a chance to do so on "The Wereth Eleven" which we both produced. Rob wrote and directed the film. I finally discovered why he has been so successful for years. He is an extremely ambitious director! As an editor and visual effects artist, I was more challenged on this film than any prior to this one and I know the rest of the team feels the same way. It takes a big vision to accomplish big things. Rob had that big vision and the end result speaks for itself. The film received critical acclaim. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next!"
Frederic Lumiere - Filmmaker

On Location in Maryland for Lincoln and Lee at Antietam.

"I had a wonderful experience working with Rob on a project about Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware River in 1776. In my 25 years of experience behind the camera shooting commercials, feature films, and documentaries, I have found that every project is unique. Rob brings a special sensitivity to the set that is rare. He has an unwavering mission of accuracy when portraying history, and he knows how to be a strong collaborator without losing control of his vision. I was impressed with Rob’s diligence in preproduction and his attention to detail on all matters, large and small. His script included several special effects scenes and many composite scenes. Rob solved problems before they had a chance to show up on the set. It was a privilege to work with him."
Paul van Haute - Director of Photography

On Location In Belgium for The Wereth Eleven.

"I had the pleasure of working with Rob on "Dominion Day." Without exception, everyone at C4 thoroughly enjoyed working with Rob as he not only had a very clear idea of what story he wanted to tell, but was at the same time very open and receptive to our creative suggestions about how to make the animation work we were providing even better.
Rob is also one of the few directors I've worked with who listened to what we asked for before going on location, and remembered what we agreed to once we were all stood there in the wind & rain.
In short, Rob is a straight-shooter and a great collaborator - I look forward to another opportunity to work with him again in the future."
Jonathan Gibson VFX Supervisor

On Location in Richmond, VA for America's First D-Day

"I have had the Honor and I truly mean the "Honor" of working with Rob Child on several film projects in the past few years as have always felt a genuine respect for his ability to see the finer details that most Directors miss when filming Historical subjects. Rob was and is always concerned with getting History right! Even if it meant a little more work on his part. If you are looking for a Director who will give you Quality, then you will have to look no farther than Rob Child. I have put my companies reputation in his hands many times and would recommend him any time if you want the best project you can get!"
Russ Richards - President,  Historical Entertainment, LLC

Jamie Hobbis, Robert Linnell, Robert Child on set in the United Kingdom 

"Rob was the Director on a drama documentary that I worked on as one of two DoP's. His attention to detail is thorough and he is an excellent communicator. He loves to work fast but is not impatient in his manner.
 As a DoP I enjoyed Rob's creativity and his willingness to accept creative input from others on the crew...and above all he's the first to buy a round in the pub!!!" Jamie Hobbis, Director of Photography, Producer, Break3

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Tribute to Joe Small

Tribute to Joe Small
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