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I am an Emmy® nominated screenwriter with 26 additional awards for writing and directing. My last two feature film screenplays landed in the top 10% in two separate screen writing competitions. The competitions were both based in Los Angeles; the Hollywood Screenplay Contest and 27th Write Movies International Writing Contest which receive thousands of entries.

I have authored 5-star rated and worldwide-selling nonfiction works as well as novels.

Book Deal with Random House.

In addition I have a publishing deal with a coauthor with Random House/Penguin the largest publishing house in the world to release our co-written a narrative nonfiction story in the fall of 2016.

In short I know “story” and I’d like to help you with yours.

I offer a range of script consulting and analysis to help your story become stronger and more marketable and ultimately sellable.

*Upon purchase of any selection you can forward a PDF or Word .doc to this email Script Services or mail a hard copy to an address which will be provided.

Turnaround time depends on current consulting load with seven to fourteen business days being the norm.

Feature Length Scripts $399

(maximum 115 formatted pages)
* For a four-page written analysis covering concept, genre, structure, execution and market potential and next steps to move it forward: $399.
* For both a four-page analysis with suggestions, plus a 60-minute conversation to discuss all: $499.

Order using Paypal, choose from these drop-down menus:

Analysis Plus Call

*The “Add to Cart” or "Buy Now" buttons will take you to a Paypal shopping cart, through which you can prepay using a major credit or debit card, or e-check. This  gets you the fastest turnaround time. There is a minor 3% “tax” to cover Paypal’s fees to Rob Child and Associates, LLC. You can always also take advantage of Paypal Credit to spread payments out over 6 months.

Upon purchase of any selection you can forward a PDF or Word .doc to this email Script Services or mail a hard copy to the address below.

If you’d rather prepay by sending a check (cashier’s check or money order speeds turnaround time, versus a personal check), you can contact me via the About page and I will tell you where to send.

Short Feature Scripts and Treatments $199

(Maximum 25 pages for short scripts, 15 pages for Treatments)

For shorter works I offer the same four page analysis with the addition of an optional 60 minute call to discuss.

4-page Written Analysis $199

Add optional 60 minute follow up conversation to discuss analysis for  $299.

Analysis Plus Call

Television Episodic or Reality Scripts $299

I have written and worked on and produced a number of national television programs and offer analysis here as well.

One hour Episodic or Reality Teleplay $299

Optional 60 minute follow up conversation to discuss analysis.  $399

Analysis Plus Call

Half-Hour Episodic or Reality Teleplay $199

Optional 60 minute follow up conversation to discuss analysis.  $299

Analysis Plus Call

Smaller Projects and Pitches $159

Feature script package called the “Fifteen and Five.” I will read the first fifteen pages of your script and the last five pages plus your beat sheet. I will also provide a 60 minute Skype or phone conversation on overall concept main characters, story direction and market potential. This can be very cost-effective  option in comparison to a full script read.


Synopsis or Pitch $59

30 minute call to get feedback on a one-page synopsis (or query) for $59.

Hourly Consulting $120/HR.

Hourly Consulting on Drafts, Queries or Outlines and Beat sheets. This is a prepaid block of time in hourly increments to assist your story development.


Choose Time

Books and Manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction) $799

(Up to 80,000 words or 350 pages)

4 Page Written Analysis  $799

Written analysis plus 60 minute conversation  $899

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