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I would like to wish all a happy President's Day. One of the few holiday's in the calendar, like Memorial Day, where we can reflect on American history. I just finished doing two radio interviews about my film, Lincoln and Lee at Antietam, which were most enjoyable. The first with KDKA in Pittsburgh and the other with WOC AM in Davenport Iowa. I know the radio biz well as I started my career as a radio DJ, while still in college, with WPOE AM 1520 in Greenfield MA. I have no idea if the station even exists anymore but these interviews today got me thinking about memories of my "good old radio days".

A funny story which I will share about WPOE is when the new program director came in (who will remain nameless - Glenn) He was a top DJ from another city and I was the college kid working part-time. Glenn wanted to change the format from the dreadful Air Supply and Frank Sinatra combination we were playing to something more "happening and upbeat".

The problem was Glen did not inform the radio station owners when exactly and what type of upbeat music he was planning to change to. One day he pulled me aside and said, "Rob, I want you to kick off our new format. You've been doing a great job and well, by golly, you deserve it..." You can see what's coming I'll bet.

At an appointed time on my weekend shift, I was to change to the new "clock" which is radio speak for music rotation. At the appointed time, high noon, I faded the soothing sounds of Vicki Carr's "It Must Be Him" into the shake you out of bed track called "Our House" by a group called "Madness". I thought to myself, now this is more like it.

Probably not less than two minute later, I got a call in the studio from the station owner..."Is this Rob? Yes boss. What the #!*& are you doing! What the h*** is this #!8& on my station! I said, It's Madness. He said D*** right it is! Complete MADNESS! Have you lost your mind! I said, I was just following orders from Glen. GLEN! Rob, you work for me and MY orders are put Frank Sinatra back on! I said, you got it boss.

Ah radio.

I'd like to close today, in honor of President's Day, in sharing a video interview which I did for Fox Television in Philadelphia upon the release of Lincoln and Lee at Antietam this past year. In the interview I speak about Lincoln and the amusing story of how I found the actor to portray him. Hope you enjoy it and hope you enjoy your day.



Fox Interview

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